Remove and Re-Install - $66 (2 x Call Out for off site equipment repairs)

Call Out - $33.00 Plus Parts (On site to find simple problem and resolve)

Install - $75.00* Plus Parts (Installing a product not supplied by Gizmo's

Plumbing and Pipe Repairs - $75* Plus Parts (Cracked pipes above ground)

New Pool Hand Over - $55 (Instructions on how to use your new pool) 

Specialty Service Costs

Gizmo's Pool Care Set Price Service is exactly what it says it is.  Once you have had a initial full service completed by Gizmo's Pool Care. We will come to your place every 4 weeks and do a Set Price Service. The Set Price Service Incudes Cleaning your pool, Servicing your systems, Basic Chemicals such as Salt, Chlorine, Acid, Buffer, Calcium, Stabilizer and Clarifier. Stop paying $95 one month and then $150 the next month from the big brand pool shops. Gizmo's Pool Care will do the service for $79.95. That's it! Nothing more. Gizmo's Pool Care recommends this service for a customer that needs to set a budget.  Call Us Today to find out if this can work for you. Conditions Apply.

Gizmo's Pool CareFull Service is the complete package.Gizmo's Pool Carewill clean your pool from top to bottom. A full service includes, Vacuum, Leaf Rake (Scoop), Tile Clean, System Clean and Service (Pump, Filter, Chlorinator), Tidy Up Surrounds, Digital Water Test and Report (e-mail required). This service is the most popular service given fromGizmo's Pool Careand recommended for all high use, high debris pools.  

Full Service - $55 Plus Chemicals

Gizmo's Pool Care offer a wide variety of services to accommodate any type of pool. From domestic to commercial, indoor or outdoor, Gizmo's Pool Care can do it all for any budget, cleaning, equipment repairs, lights, green pool clean ups, acid washing and pressure pipe plumbing.

Gizmo's Pool Care will come to all areas of the Gold Coast, from Ormeau to Currumbin, from Surfers Paradise to Mudgeeraba.

Check out our services and prices below to see what suits you, or give us a call and we can recommend the perfect service for you to have a hassle free, crystal clear pool. 


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Set Price Service - $79.95 (Per Visit)

Water Testing Service - $4.95 Plus Chemicals***

Mini Service - $39.50 Plus Chemicals


* All call outs are subjet to additional charges if parts or extra time is required. Install and Plumbing repair services include 1Hour labor. Ever 1/2 hour after this will be charged at a call out rate. For Set Price Services a full service will have to be preformed before this service can be taken. Set Price Services can not be longer than 4 weeks apart. Set Price Services doe not include some pools, specialty chemicals or parts and repairs.

** Make Your Own services are required to have a free quote given with a set schedule made (4 Weeks, Fornighty Etc.) Extra Labour will be charged if service is longer than 45 min.

*** Water Test Services require the chemicals to be purchased from Gizmo's Pool Care. Using chemicals that have been bought else where will have extra charges applied.

All Services and Repairs can be invoiced to a 7 Day account. Failure to pay account in 7 days will result in late fees and removal or parts used.

Gizmo's Pool CareWater Service is a service for all busy people that want the piece of mind that the pool water is safe to swim in but don't have the time to lug it down to an over charging pool shop and wait for them to test it. Then on top of that lug heavy bags of salt or using dangerous corrosive chemicals. Gizmo's Pool Care will come to you and preform a Digital Water Test and Report (e-mail required), then balancing the water with all the highest quality products you need to have your pool looking its best. Call Us Today to have your water safely balanced by a professional.

Gizmo's Pool Carehas a great reputation for looking after its regular customers. All regular customers on a 4 week or less schedule receive 4 free call outs per year in-between services. This might be for storm damage inspections, power cuts, timer resets, and so on. This is an added bonus of being aGizmo's Pool Carecustomer. So Call Us Today and get a free quote forGizmo's Pool Careto look after your pool all year round. Conditions apply.

Make Your Own - $19.95** Plus Chemicals

Gizmo's Pool CareMini Service is a simple but effective way to ensure your pool is looking its best without all the frills.Gizmo's Pool Care will do a Complete Systems Clean and Service (Pump, Filter, Chlorinator),  Tidy Up of Surroundings, Digital Water Test and Report (e-mail required).Gizmo's Pool Carewould recommend this service is for pool owners with an Automatic Cleaner (Kreepy Krawly, Barracuda) and have no need for a Vacuum or Leaf Rake.

Gizmo's Pool Care Make Your Own service, offers a very unique way of having your pool cared for by a professional. The Make Your Own service is a great way to save a few extra dollars on things you don't need. If you don't need a Vacuum, but would like the pool leaf raked or if you have just done the system yourself and it is not required to be done. Gizmo's Pool Care will adjust the service costs to suit your needs. Please Call Us today to find out how you can shave money off your regular service costs just by Making It Your Own.