Gizmo's Pool Care recommends Zodiac Automatic Cleaners for all types of pools.

Zodiac is a well know international company that is known for producing the Barracuda Pool Cleaner. There is so many different options to suit any style pool. From your basic G2(which Gizmo's Pool Careregards as still one of the best cleaners on the market) to the Robotic V Series. Zodiac has a price range to suit anybody with a need for quality.

With so many different copies of Automatic Cleaners on the market today. Gizmo's Pool Care recommend Zodiac as it is proven for reliability, efficiency and strength.

Give Gizmo's Pool Care a call today to find out what Zodiac cleaner would suit your pool cleaning needs.


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Gizmo's Pool Care recommends Waterco for all your Pool Pumps and Filtration needs. 

Waterco Pumps are of the highest quality, with their state of the art design and their high flow water rate. Giving you a reliable, resilient pump with the efficiency needed. Call Gizmo's Pool Care Today to have a free consultation on what Waterco Pump would best suit you.

Waterco Cartridge and Media Filters are the best in there field. With strong pressurised tanks and great water clarity. Waterco have a filter to accommodate any size pool. Call Gizmo's Pool Care today to find out how Waterco filters can improve your water clarity.

Gizmo's Pool Care uses Spa Electrics Lights.

Spa Electrics lights are the easiest way to light up your pool with all the latest L.E.D technology. Spa Electrics have retro fit lights that can replace that old halogen bulb system in your pool. With so many different options, such as single light, multi colour, systems lights (music and remote controlled) and optical lights.

Call Gizmo's Pool Care today to find out how we can light up your pool for years to come.

Gizmo's Pool Care recommends Evolution Chlorinators for all your water sanitation needs.

Evolution Chlorinators offer the latest in chlorinator technology with their easy to use control box to their resilient titanium solid plated cells. Evolution Chlorinators is a Gold Coast based company which understands the higher need for reliability on your pools water sanitation.

Give Gizmo's Pool Care a call today and we will measure up the right size and fit for your pool to be clear all year round.

Gizmo's Pool Care has a wide variety of Brands and Equipment that can keep your pool looking its best all year round. From Pumps Filters and Chlorinators, Lights, Automatic Cleaners, Cleaning Equipment, Chemical Dispensers and Storage, Spa Accessories... You name it and we can get it. 

Gizmo's Pool Care is not a franchise, so therefore we can supply any brand requested at a competitive price. Our online store has everything you need for your pool and as an added bonus, if you buy from Gizmo's Pool Care you will have free delivery and install on some products to anywhere on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on giving you what you want at a price that you can afford. Call us today for a quote on all your equipment needs.

Gizmo's Pool Care does recommend the following brands due to the 15 years experience we have had in the Gold Coast pool industry. We use these brands as they are reliable, efficient and well priced for the quality of the product. Check out our recommendations below to find what would suit your pools needs best.


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